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How to tell you how to distinguish durian and jackfruit from the importing durian merchants?

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Yantai Hua Zhu Trading Co., Ltd. has rich experience in importing durian. Recently, many customers asked us for the difference between durian and jackfruit. Now let's have a look at it.

Jackfruit is rich in sugar, B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, iron and other useful ingredients. It is called "tropical fruit Queen". It was introduced from India to China in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Durian is native to Malaysia. It is rich in sugar, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, iron and phosphorus and many other nutrients. It is called "the king of fruits" in Thailand. The difference between durian and jackfruit is from the following aspects:


1. Taste

When you buy it, you can quickly distinguish between jackfruit and durian as long as you smell the smell. In addition to special varieties, general durian smells a strong special smell, but the smell fragrant. While jackfruit has a sweet smell, articulate fragrant after eating. It can be easily divided into jackfruit and durian by the smell.

2. Shape

Jackfruit is bigger than durian. Durian skin has many pointed and long nails, and the color is deeper than jackfruit. Pineapple dense skin is very like the alligator skin, the nail on the top is very dense. The mature durian usually has a natural crack, while the outer skin is well preserved and the jackfruit is not damaged, it is the fresh jackfruit.


3. Pulp

Jackfruit will have a gelatinous mucus after incision, which is difficult to remove. So how do you choose jackfruit glue? When you eat a jackfruit, you'd better take a glove or smear the oil in your hand; durian will not have mucus. Jackfruit has dry and wet pulp cell cell of stem cell, crisp, soft and wet cell more sweet; durian flesh wet cell jackfruit more soft, and with a strong smell.

4. Price

The price of durian is more expensive than jackfruit, so it can be distinguished from the price. But if it comes to bad vendors, it's hard to distinguish from the price.

In addition, the import of durian smells durian investment experts believe that there is a strong smell, but the smell will be better, but it is also eat more fragrant; jackfruit is a sweet smell and aroma, after eating is usually articulate fragrant.




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