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The preservation methods and common sense sharing of Thailand Durian

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1. The preservation methods of Thailand Durian

1, it's best to put it in the fresh-keeping box and put it in the fresh keeping layer of the fridge, but even if the fresh durian is put at most for about 5 days, it will affect freshness if it is stored for a long time, or do not buy it quickly.

2, you can take out the pulp, put it in the fresh-keeping bag and keep it in the refrigerator. After the ice, it will have the taste of the ice cream. If the pulp is sour durian have been bad, should not continue to eat.


Two, Thailand durian eat how to do?

Durian, though delicious, can't eat too much at once, otherwise it will cause the body to be hot and dry. Its rich nutrition will also cause excessive heat due to the fact that the stomach and intestines cannot be absorbed completely. The way to eliminate the heat is to drink some light salt water or to eat some fruit with a lot of water while eating durian. Pear and watermelon are good choices. However, the best partner of durian is known as the queen of the mangosteen fruit, only it can easily yield fruit king anger, protects the body against damage.

It has been reported that durian is not conducive to lipid lowering, because durian is a high fat fruit, which contains a lot of saturated fatty acids. Eating more will increase the content of total cholesterol in blood and cause vascular embolism. Water soluble fiber in fruits helps to clear bad cholesterol in the body. Therefore, after eating too many durian, we can eat some high fiber fruits, such as orange, apple and pear.

Three, to eat the good season of Thailand Durian?

Many people do not know the best season to eat durian, because the market is always able to see the figure of durian. In fact, the natural maturity of durian is fixed, and the natural mature durian is the most delicious.

Because durian has a high temperature throughout the year, it can grow and grow. Even in the equatorial region, because of the drop of temperature, 600m can not grow durian or even result. The mature season is in 6 and July each year. The season is 9~12 months per year, and the other months are also produced. So, durian was the most delicious in 6 and July. In addition, it is the best to eat durian in the morning.




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