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Thailand durian joined


Importing durian for investment

  • Type:Attract investment

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  • Date:2018/02/26
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Imported durian Merchants - Hua cast trade, is a strong, in the industry has a wealth of management experience in the enterprise.


The importation of durian durian to join the conditions:

1. have a strong desire to start a business, passion and ideal, love the cause.

2, have good business reputation, and the confidence of common development.

3. the business philosophy of the identification with company has a brand awareness and a long-term strategic vision.

4. has a certain investment ability and independent capacity for civil liability.

5. have good social resources advantage in the local and have certain experience in business management.

6. have sufficient funds, have a good location, and meet the requirements of the company area.

Durian, is a kind of fruit that can divide human beings into two extremes. People love to not love the durian stop, people will feel a strong smell, disgusted.

There are many varieties of durian. In China, people may eat cat mountain durian, although cat Hill durian is also a good variety, but from the taste, it is a big difference from the Golden Pillow. A friend who has really eaten the gold pillow of Thailand is sure to refuse to eat the Cat Mountain Wang durian for a period of time.



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