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Importing durian merchants to teach you the right method of durian storage

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With the fire of durian and how to store it, many people have consulted with the imported durian investment experts. Today we will come to know it together.

Go home to buy durian application newspaper wrapped up tight, lest it pricks. Durian is after ripening, it should be placed in a cool place, the ripe fruit will be split, then will flesh out into the fresh bag stored in the refrigerator.

First, you can take out the pulp, put it in the fresh-keeping bag and keep it in the refrigerator. After the ice, it will have the taste of the ice cream. If the pulp is sour durian have been bad, should not continue to eat.

Two, it's best to put it in the fresh-keeping box and put it in the fresh keeping layer of the fridge, but even if the fresh durian is put at most for about 5 days, it will affect freshness if it is stored for a long time, or do not buy it quickly.

Durian, though delicious, can't eat too much at once, otherwise it will cause the body to be hot and dry. Its rich nutrition will also cause excessive heat due to the fact that the stomach and intestines cannot be absorbed completely.

It is reported that durian is not conducive to lowering blood fat. Durian is a high fat fruit, which contains a lot of saturated fatty acids. Eating more will increase the content of total cholesterol in blood, and cause vascular embolism. Water soluble fiber in fruits helps to clear bad cholesterol in the body. Therefore, after eating too many durian, we can eat some high fiber fruits, such as orange, apple and pear.

Durian is difficult to storage, postharvest taste every night on the poor, two or three days will go bad, durian from storage and sales in the process of decay rate is as high as 40% to 50%, which is why China north market rare durian. The Malaysia Institute used deep freezing technology to prolong durian fresh-keeping period to meet the demand for durian in different regional markets. In the past few years, Thailand has made great efforts to develop durian, and the output has increased year by year. Fresh durian and its processed products is a good project, especially for durian deep processing products, such as durian candy, durian slice and durian ointment produced in Thailand. The unique aroma components of durian provide information for the development of food and perfume additives. For example, durian is used to produce fruit wine. Because of its rich sugar and flavor substances, a proper addition can improve the flavor of fruit wine. In addition, durian can also be processed into durian powder, durian crisp, durian dry, durian juice, durian pineapple fruit wine and other products.

From the postharvest diseases of fruit durian junction parts and separation of microbial pathogenicity of isolates of Phytophthora, that is the result of an important pathogen of postharvest decay of durian durian; blight is marketed in Guangzhou in the process of common disease. The gold mine of WP, metalaxyl mancozeb wettable powder has good effect on prevention and treatment of disease but should not be used in durian, durian after harvest; the sporgon WP is a can be used in Postharvest fungicides, but has no effect on the prevention and control of durian blight; is a kind of effective for streptomycin chemical control of postharvest diseases of durian. For durian post harvest disease prevention and control, besides taking the chemical control measures after durian harvest, it is more important to take preventive measures before durian harvest, because the pathogen of durian postharvest disease is brought from the field. More effective drugs can be used to prevent and control diseases in the field, but few of them can be used for the prevention and treatment of epidemic diseases after harvest.

Importing durian business also adds a knowledge point to everyone. Durian is good at making epidemic prevention measures in durian producing area before harvest. It is very important for preventing and reducing rot caused by epidemics in durian storage and marketing.




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