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  • Date:2018/02/26
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Durian delicious, enjoy, is a lot of consumers, so the market demand is also great. Durian merchants Wenger, simple operation, and is a good choice for venture capital! Therefore, the import durian inviting merchants to join the franchiser all over the provinces and cities!


Investment to join in support:

Technical support: Commodity publicity, the maintenance of the store image, to ensure the stable operation of the shop.

Commodity support: a large number of sufficient sources of goods can be selected, and headquarters will keep the commodity's high visibility and price market competition, so as to solve the problem of source of cooperation partners.

After-sales service support: the sale of goods sold to all businesses and other issues to be solved in a timely manner, to avoid investment merchants into economic disputes.

Logistics support: two major north-south distribution of logistics center, improve the electronic distribution platform, selected goods, orders instantly.

The import of durian to join the conditions:

1, there is plenty of time to manage the store and get the support of the family.

2, trust the brand's remarkable influence.

3, have the funds to start the project, and the funds for the later normal operation.

4, comply with the unified management of the headquarters, and have a certain pursuit of the quality of the franchisee.

5, have a long-term business vision and good business reputation.

6, the importing durian franchisee should be enthusiastic about joining the business, not just for a moment, so we should take it seriously. Join the hotline: 13356937701



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