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What food can not be eaten with Thailand Durian?

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Many people are very fond of Thailand durian. Although they taste heavy, their nutritional value and taste are very good. Do you know what durian can't eat with them? Below, please look at the introduction of the little editor.


1. Crabs

When durian and crab eat the same food, it is easy to cause serious stomach discomfort. Durian after eating, about 1 hours of time, let his intestines and stomach clean, and then eat crabs.

2. Liquor

Wine and durian are all hot substances. If they are diabetic, they will cause blockage of blood vessels, severe blood vessels and stroke, so they should be careful to eat. Healthy people should also avoid eating both at the same time.

3. Litchi

Don't eat litchi after eating durian. The durian itself is filled with hot gas and reheated litchi equal to the fire.

4, mangosteen

Durian mangosteen and eat at the same time can avoid the fire, but it is likely to cause constipation. Because these two kinds of fruit are rich in cellulose, in the intestines and stomach will be swellable, too much food will block the intestines, causing constipation.

5. Warm food

Durian can't eat with warm food, such as beef, mutton, dog meat, and seafood. Because these foods belong to the hot and dry things, it will be inflamed with the same food.

6. Eggplant

Durian can't eat with eggplant. Because eggplant and durian eat together can be very hot, not good for the body.

7, salt

You can't eat with salt. Salt contains rich potassium, and Thailand durian also contains rich potassium, so the two are not suitable for the same food.

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