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Thailand durian Alliance: the cultivation technique of Durian

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The cultivation techniques of Durian


Biological characteristic big tree, the tree is 15-20 meters high, the trunk is obvious, the branch is fragile, and it is vulnerable to the strong wind. Leaves alternate, leathery, oblong, glossy green leaves with silvery scales back fine grained hairy, margin entire. The flower is big and can be sown every year. It is good in spring. The spacing of the seeding plant is 20 cm X20 cm. In the growth period of the seedlings, we should pay attention to weeding and combine fertilization in order to promote the growth of the seedlings. Excellent plant available air layering, extremely easy to root, branches from the circle to seedling, only 60-70 days.

1, planting seedling height 30-40 centimeters when planting, plant spacing of 3 meters X5 meters, organic fertilizer, manure and fertilizer amount of lime. All the year round colonization, with soil planting.

2, the annual tree fertilization management should focus on 1 measures of fat, namely spring and summer fruit bud fertilizer fertilizer and fertilizer application before seeding, especially good fruit fertilizer. After picking a deep application of organic fertilizer.

3, pruning for budding force is very strong, 1-2 years after planting should pay attention to shaping, picking time after pruning, to maintain a good tree.

4. When the harvested fruits are orange or orange red, they are ripe and can be harvested. Post harvest fruit not directly fresh for 4-7 days after cooked fruit to eat dried meat floss soft look.

Grafted and propagation of Durian


In addition to the formation of some monocots and irregular layers of plants, almost all dicotyledonous woody plants can budding reproduction.

Air bar

No seasonal air layering, choose pencil bigger branches from the end date in about 40cm about 3cm long after girdling, peeling off the required cambium incision incision, otherwise will recover without root cortex. Wrap a bunch of wet dirt on the incision, like a duck egg. Three layers are bundled with plastic paper, and both ends are tied. After about three months, the new root can be cut away from the mother. The plastic paper cut, planted in the black plastic bag seedling, placed in the shade, about one or two months after transplantation. When the survival rate is low, it is rarely used in the reproduction of durian.

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