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Thailand durian to teach you how to eat durian?

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Thailand durian to teach you how to eat durian, first of all we look at the taboo to eat durian:

1, dry throat, tongue dry, sore throat, fever constitution and yin deficiency constitution shensi;

2, diabetes, heart disease and hypercholesterolemia should not be consumed.

3, durian can not be eaten with wine: because wine and durian are all hot and dry things, such as diabetes patients eat together, will lead to blockage of blood vessels, there will be a serious burst of blood vessels, stroke occurs, unsuitable for eating.

4, hot air constitution, throat pain and cough, cold, yin deficiency constitution, trachea sensitive person to eat durian will make the disease worse, not beneficial to the body, not suitable for food.

5, Chinese medicine: Durian warm nature, if you eat too much, will make up Zaohuo, and after the emergence of symptoms. To relieve discomfort, you should drink kelp mung bean soup or Prunella soup.

6, durian contains high heat and sugar, so obese people should eat less.

7, durian contains high potassium, so kidney and heart patients, should be less food.

8, durian is not suitable to eat at a time, if the smell of the ripe durian with alcohol taste, it has been deteriorated and can not eat.

9, the elderly should pay special attention, durian juice sticky, easy to block throat, trachea and cause suffocation, so the elderly must eat less, slow to eat.

In addition, after eating durian drink some water, or eat more fruit containing more water, can also relieve the heat, which is a good choice of pear and watermelon. In addition, we can also use the fruit nest of the durian shell to add some salt and add water to drink, which can relieve the heat.

Thailand durian joined that it is worth noting that the mangosteen durian and eat at the same time to avoid the fire, but it is likely to cause constipation. Because these two kinds of fruit are rich in cellulose, in the intestines and stomach will be swellable, too much food will block the intestines, causing constipation.




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