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Introduction of the planting of Thailand Golden Pillow Durian

Date:2023-07-20 Author: Click:

We all know that the Thailand gold pillow durian is particularly expensive, but the process of planting is not easy. Today, the little editor will introduce you to you.


Thailand durian planting conditions:

Durian is pure tropical crops growth, where the daily average temperature above 22 degrees, frost free areas can grow, can develop in parts of Hainan province in China and Yunnan, because they to year-round high temperatures weather to grow strong, even in the equatorial region of high altitude of 600 meters above, as the temperature drops, also cannot planting durian or no results. In the Hainan flourishing Tropical Botanical Garden, it has been cultivated successfully, flowering in 4~5 months and fruit ripening in 8~9 months.

The planting method of Thailand durian:

1. sowing and propagation: Durian can be sown every year in the spring, and the spacing of the plant is 20 cm X20 cm. In the growth period of the seedlings, we should pay attention to weeding and combine fertilization in order to promote the growth of the seedlings. Excellent plant available air layering, extremely easy to root, branches from the circle to seedling, only 60~70 days.

2.: when the durian seedlings planting the seedling height of 30~40 cm when planting, plant spacing, 3x5 meters, organic fertilizer, manure and fertilizer amount of lime. All the year round colonization, with soil planting.

3. fertilization management: Durian tree every year to focus on 1 measures of fat, namely spring and summer fruit bud fertilizer fertilizer and fertilizer application before seeding, especially good fruit picking after deep fertilizer, an organic fertilizer.

4. pruning: Durian trees sprout strong, 1~2 years after planting should pay attention to shaping, picking time after pruning, to maintain a good tree.

5. harvest fruit: Thailand durian fruit turns orange yellow or orange red when mature, harvesting, post harvest fruit not directly fresh for 4~7 days after cooked fruit to eat dried meat floss soft look.




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