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Thailand durian joined


Thailand durian joins a small editor for a brief introduction to the China cast trade Durian

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Yantai Huazhu Trading Co. Ltd. is the National Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation, the General Administration of Customs on the right to import and export company, the company has a strong economic foundation, strong relation network, perfect technology and personnel allocation, we have a wide range of commodity information network partners throughout the world, my company has a business the master, the backbone of strong operating team. Under the guidance of the management concept of "creating the best service", through the unremitting efforts of all the staff, remarkable achievements have been achieved.

Our current business scope includes Thailand Golden Pillow durian durian merchants to join, imported, imported durian join, Yantai Apple's domestic sales, the company has two production plant, the production of cast stone products and various industrial ceramic products, so at the same time run cast stone pipe, composite pipe cast stone, cast stone, cast stone valve, flexible pipe joint the export sales, building materials, packaging materials, materials and metal products, food additives, general merchandise wholesale, retail; goods and technology import and export business.

Our aim is: "to use service and sincerity for your trust and support, mutual benefit, create a win-win situation!"

The planting method of Thailand durian:

1. sowing and propagation: Durian can be sown every year in the spring, and the spacing of the plant is 20 cm X20 cm. In the growth period of the seedlings, we should pay attention to weeding and combine fertilization in order to promote the growth of the seedlings. Excellent plant available air layering, extremely easy to root, branches from the circle to seedling, only 60~70 days.

2.: when the durian seedlings planting the seedling height of 30~40 cm when planting, plant spacing, 3x5 meters, organic fertilizer, manure and fertilizer amount of lime. All the year round colonization, with soil planting.

3. fertilization management: Durian tree every year to focus on 1 measures of fat, namely spring and summer fruit bud fertilizer fertilizer and fertilizer application before seeding, especially good fruit picking after deep fertilizer, an organic fertilizer.

4. pruning: Durian trees sprout strong, 1~2 years after planting should pay attention to shaping, picking time after pruning, to maintain a good tree.

5. harvest fruit: Thailand durian fruit turns orange yellow or orange red when mature, harvesting, post harvest fruit not directly fresh for 4~7 days after cooked fruit to eat dried meat floss soft look.




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