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How do you choose durian, Thailand gold pillow freeze-durian?

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Loving durian but not worried about it? Actually, the way to pick durian is not difficult. The summary of Thailand Golden Pillow frozen durian is very easy to grasp from several aspects.

Tip 1: pinch spines

The mature durian can be sweet and waxy. If the immature durian is not carefully bought, its flesh is often hard and astringent, and can't go down. If you want to know how durian is mature, you can know by a "little action". The fat "mace" above, covered with thick spines, choose two adjacent spikes, pinched spike tip, slightly forced them inward pinch, if can make them more relaxed with each other "near", that the durian is soft, maturity is relatively good; if you feel very solid, no pinching, that is durian.

The trick two: look at the size

By identifying the size and color of the fruit, it can also identify the maturity of the durian. In general, the larger size of the durian is more mature than the principle of watermelon. From the color of the shell, the mature good durian is more transparent and yellow, if the blue color is more, it is not mature enough.

The trick three: to see the degree of cracking

A lot of people think that the natural opening of durian is a good durian, in fact, it is not all. If you like to use this method, you should pay attention to the identification of several situations. Generally speaking, through the above "tricks one" and "tricks two" two methods to test the durian, will be more good, not must not have to open the mouth. If you want to pick out the shell that has split, it is best to choose a crack that is not too large, that is, just started cracking, because if the fruit has already cracked, the exposed pulp is easy to be polluted and easy to deteriorate. If you choose a mature and just open durian, it is best to go back home and enjoy it as soon as possible. Do not place it for a long time. Otherwise, it is easy to deteriorate.

Tips four: smell the smell

When you buy, if you look at the natural opening of durian, you can smell the scent of durian through the cracking of its shell. Immature durian has a "green smell", that is to say, smells like freshly cut grass taste, like durian generally not mature; mature durian smell fragrant fragrance, let people eat a mouth drooling with greed, but if you smell that smell; a Durian alcohol taste, do not buy, this would have spoiled the durian.

Tips five: look at the appearance

Pick a Durian, and a clever way, just look at the "drum up the mace outside the hill, gentle and micro long" hill ", is the sweet and fragrant flesh," hill "is certainly more flesh more! The mace spikes, can also be understand how much flesh, if more gentle, mace on the bottom surface of the larger conical spines, prove the durian flesh more, better maturity; on the other hand, if the spike is sharp thin shape, it showed that the fruit is not mature. Look at the appearance, there is another point to be noticed, that is, to look at the "tail" of durian, that is, the handle. The sturdy and fresh "tail" proves that it is nutritious and the quality is fresh. It is another "index" to select durian.

Tip six: shake it

Carefully will dent the fingers of both hands were placed on both sides of the spine between the durian, durian gently picked up, hold, shaking the durian gently hand, if you feel there are gently feeling of collision, or a voice, that flesh which is mature and from fruit shell, like durian the durian is mature.

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