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What are the characteristics of the dry durian with the import of Durian

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Durian durian imported to join that is simply the whole body is a treasure, whether it is durian itself, or durian shell, and the skin can eat, but a lot of people may have to work no time to eat durian, to the place of work is not convenient, so you can try to freeze dry durian dry. Easy to carry, also can be preserved for a long time, so let's try to understand the characteristics of freeze-dried durian dry what the.

The vacuum freeze drying at low temperature and low pressure, and the water is not through liquid direct sublimation, vacuum freeze drying products can ensure the nutritional components of protein, vitamins and other food, especially those of heat sensitive components of volatile loss, which can maximally keep the original nutrients, effectively prevent the oxidation of nutrients and dry in the process of transformation and change of state. Freeze drying products into the cavernous, no shrinkage, rehydration, excellent edible convenience, moisture is few, the corresponding packaging at room temperature can be kept for a long time and transport. So it gives its products a lot of special performance:

1, the dehydration is more thorough, which is beneficial to the long storage.

2, the drying process of materials is completed under freezing condition. Compared with other drying methods, the shrinkage of products is much smaller than that of fresh materials, and the structure and appearance of raw materials are well preserved.

3. There is no surface hardening problem, and the interior is porous and spongy, thus having excellent rehydration. This performance has shown a very obvious advantage in instant food.

4, because the drying process is carried out at very low temperatures and basically cut off the air, it effectively inhibits the biological, chemical or physical changes of thermosensitive substances. The nutrients and active substances in the raw materials are fully preserved, and the natural color and smell of the raw materials are kept well.

5, the water content of the product is reduced, the weight is reduced, and the transportation is convenient.

In this article we follow Xiaobian together to understand the import of durian joined to characteristics of freeze-dried durian dry what, this can reduce the durian durian dry water, very convenient to transport, but also to eat inside the mouth is full of the taste of durian, the nutritional value of play to perfection.




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