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Thailand durian joined


A small lecture hall for the selection of durian in Thailand by the import of Durian

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The import durian to join the Thailand durian selection technique lecture hall, we are ready to receive knowledge point:

First, the selection of durian first look at its appearance, the yellow is the performance of the mature, the green is still raw.

Two, with the two fingers in the durian piercing, if the feeling of elasticity, two prickles can be leaned in the words, then the durian is almost ripe.

Three, hands down by durian skin elastic that thin, thick skin is good, doesn't work.

Four, look at the sharp point of durian, if there are fine cracks the best, this is the sign of durian ripe. If durian is raw, it can't be cut with a kitchen knife.

Five, choose the shape of durian to be round, each drum bag is much better.

Six, with the nose to smell, ripe durian smell very sweet (is to be able to eat incense, eat not to smell smelly). If the smell of wine taste that is overripe, this is not good.

Seven, durian belongs to the tropical fruit, the nutrition is very rich, it is easy to fire. It's also easy to make people fat. People who lose weight are best not to eat, and it's better not to eat durian after 9 o'clock in the evening.

Eight, open durian, durian toward the tip of the knife sharp crack open place gently flap was opened, a don't eat out, how much open, and a bud bud open, on the outside will not be bad, but it is best to use plastic wrap, because it is a trick bugs come at. Don't put it in the refrigerator because it's too heavy. (the plane is not allowed to take durian on the plane).

Nine. If the petals are yellow, the durian may have been rotten.

The selection of durian tips by the imported durian:

1. the unspoken durian, immature with a green grass flavor, mature to emit the natural aroma of durian. When the purchase of immature durian, go home with a newspaper wrap, lit newspaper, to be fired after another wrapped in newspaper, put it in a warm place, one or two days can smell the fragrance that has come to eat when it threw light on the ground, fell out of a mouth can be eaten pried from attack.

2. durian eaten will have a bad smell after, how to do? It is said that the durian shell can be cleaned with water, and it can be removed.

3. beginners to buy durian to buy seven or eight mature, eat up the odor is not very heavy, easier to accept.




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