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Do you know when Thailand imported gold pillows, durian Durian?

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Thailand imported gold pillow durian eat silver at noon, and eat brass at night! " So, it's the best to eat durian in the morning.

Many people do not know the best season to eat durian, because the market is always able to see the figure of durian. In fact, the natural maturity of durian is fixed, and the natural mature durian is the most delicious.

Because the imported gold pillow durian in Thailand will grow strong if it has a high temperature all the year round. Even in the equatorial region, because of the drop of temperature, we cannot grow durian or even fail in the high altitude above 600m. The mature season is in 6 and July each year.

The season is 9~12 months per year, and the other months are also produced. So, durian was the most delicious in 6 and July. In addition, eating durian is more particular about what time to eat, the saying goes: "eat the durian gold in the morning!"

In fact, a Thailand imported gold pillow durian is delicious. It is very important not only for varieties, producing areas, climate, fertilizer and picking time, but also for timely cutting and feeding. That section is not yet mature food, durian flesh hard and pale, insipid, not delicious. Use small bamboo strips to tapping durian, listen to its sound, to identify the degree of maturity, and at the same time smell the way to decide whether to open.

1, Thailand imported Golden Pillow durian shell corn big bone soup

Ingredients: Durian shell, pig, corn, onion, ginger

Durian shell white flesh, bone and blanch, clean the impurities into the cold water, drain water stand-by. Put all the materials in the pot, put enough water, boil the fire, turn small fire to continue to boil for about 1 hours, turn off the fire, put salt and seasoning.

2, Thailand imported gold pillow durian shell pot ribs

Raw materials: a catty in the upper row, a half of the durian shell and a little salt.

Chop with a knife to boiling water boil for a short moment, durian shell on the white flesh cut into small pieces. The spareribs and durian flesh together into the pressure cooker. Fire, ten minutes after air up, add salt when the pot is out.

The soup is milk white and some light durian taste.




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