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Thailand Golden Pillow durian - frozen little knowledge of the efficacy and role of the durian fruit

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Thailand Golden Pillow durian frozen core also has some medicinal value, folk durian nuclear soup approach. Relative durian fruit, durian karyoplasms mild dry soup with kidney, spleen effect.

Durian's nutritional value is not low, the price is not low, the abandoned durian and durian skin into baby, neither waste, and nourish the body.

The physiological function of vitamin in durian and its effect on some diseases can not be ignored. The content of potassium and calcium in the fruit of durian is very high. Potassium is involved in metabolism and transport of protein, carbohydrate, and energy

It helps to prevent and treat hypertension. Calcium is an important substance in the human skeleton, and insufficient calcium intake may interfere with the normal development of bone. The elements of zinc, iron, and magnesium are involved in the composition of various enzymes in the body, when these enzymes are lacking in the body.

It may lead to a weakening and disorder of the immune function. Zinc plays an important role in human immune system and defense function. It is an important part of enzymes. It plays a series of biochemical roles in the function of sex hormones.

"Say the word" and "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Durian for medicinal, sweet taste, non-toxic, attending fulminant confidants and air conditioning." Although durian is rich in nutrition, it has the effect of invigorating the spleen and enriching the kidney and strengthening the sun, but it also has the effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening yang.

Not everyone is suitable, cold should not eat more, hypertension, diabetes patients should not eat, and can not be used with wine at the same time. In Thailand had diabetes for ate four durian, died. So Thailand health

The Department advised the public not to eat more than two petals of durian one day. Generally healthy people can eat durian, but the daily intake is not more than 100 grams. Durian is hot, therefore, not to eat more, in order to avoid eating when the fire, it is best to eat

At the same time to eat two or three durian mangosteen, mangosteen durian can inhibit the warm fire, to protect the body from harm. Should also pay attention to eat durian, dry throat, tongue dry, sore throat, fever constitution and yin deficiency constitution, Shensi; diabetic heart

Heart disease and hypercholesterolemia patients should not eat.

Thailand gold pillow freeze-durian fruit is very nutritious and contains a lot of sugar and high calorie. Among them, the protein content is 2.7%, the fat content is 4.1%, the carbohydrate is 9.7%, the moisture is 82.5%, the vitamin content is rich.

Vitamin A, vitamin B: and vitamin C are higher. Studies have shown that vitamin A is an essential micronutrient that is essential to the human body. The human body needs vitamin A to maintain the healthy and normal visual acuity of epithelial cells and promote the growth and development of the epithelial cells.

The resistance to an infectious disease.




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