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How much do you know the difference between the fresh durian and the Durian?

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Durian (scientific name: Durio zibethinus Murr), is a kind of huge tropical evergreen trees, leaves oblong, top tip, cymes, yellowish color, fruit size of football, solid skin, dense triangular spines, the flesh is composed by aril Roubao color yellow, sticky juicy is a kind of economic value fruit.

A magic Thailand Golden Pillow durian dry, I believe many of my friends do not know, is durian dry can promoting blood circulation and cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, can improve abdominal cold symptoms, can promote the body temperature rise, is the ideal food for the cold constitution;

Thailand Golden Pillow durian is dry in order to supply consumers throughout the year around the world food producers in Thailand, durian carefully selected high quality, rich in delicious durian, and uses the most advanced -45 C rapid freezing system instantly frozen and vacuum drying.

Poor durian dried may have flour and flavor, etc., and taste is very bad. There is no durian flavor that durian should have. But high quality durian stem is not any additives. It is absolutely authentic durian flavor in taste.

The difference between the flavour of durian and durian is that the fresh durian tastes a little heavier.

So durian dried nutritious value is higher. Durian dry is mostly made by freeze-drying or vacuum drying. Due to dehydration, the value of unit nutritious value is higher than durian. A Durian trunk may need a lot of durian to make. At the same time, due to dehydration and drying reasons, durian dried vitamin content is also less than durian, so durian dry made no preservatives and other food additives.

Taboo: delicious things every day can not eat a lot of durian dry if every day a lot of food, it is easy to cause the fire, if the fire, can eat some cold mangosteen, can achieve the effect of fire solution lag in addition, eating durian can not drink, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort, affect health.

In this article we follow Xiaobian together to join the imported durian durian dry characteristics which can reduce the durian durian dry water, very convenient to transport, but also to eat inside the mouth is full of the taste of durian, the nutritional value of play to perfection.






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