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Analysis of nutritional advantages of Thailand golden pillows Durian

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Analysis of nutritional advantages of Thailand golden pillows durian:

A strong smell of durian, said it "stink" is no exaggeration. But in Thailand, because of its high nutritional value, durian is often used as a patient, postpartum women nourishing the body tonic.

Durian heat, can promoting blood circulation and cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, especially by dysmenorrhea of female consumption; it can also improve the abdominal cold symptoms, can promote the body temperature rise, is the ideal tonic cold constitution; and in addition, with the durian shell and pig bone soup together is also traditional folk diet recipe.

Durian, although many benefits, but can not eat too much, or easily lead to the body hot and hot, but also because the stomach can not be completely absorbed and cause "fire".

While eating durian, may as well drink some light salt water, or eat more fruit to balance more water, such as pear, watermelon, and so on, can be very good to eliminate hot and dry. The best partner of durian is known as the "Queen of fruit" mangosteen, it can subdue the "king of fruits" anger, protect the body from damage.

Edible value:

Durian chicken

Durian 50 grams, chicken 1, ginger slices 10 grams, walnut kernel, jujube 50 grams each. First, clean up the chicken and peel it, put it in boiling water, cook it slightly and cut it into large pieces. Walnut kernel is soaked in water and deoiling. The jujube is washed and removed, and durian goes to tender skin, leaving a large piece of skin. Take the pulp and cut the outer skin. Put chicken, walnut, jujube, durian skin and durian meat together and put them into a pot and boil them. Add ginger slices, then boil them in a big fire, then cook them in a slow fire for 3 hours, add salt and a little MSG seasoning. This soup has the effect of enriching blood and nourishing qi, nourishing yin and nourishing yin and so on. It is suitable for people of different physique to drink, and the most suitable for eating in autumn and winter.

Carassius carassius soup with durian core

Durian core 5 - 6, crucian carp 2, ginger 3 slices. Durian core wash, clean up after the slaughter of crucian carp, simmered Jianzhi sides slightly yellow. Then put ginger into the pot together with ginger, add the right amount of water, cook it in a big heat and cook it for 2 hours, then add proper amount of salt and a little raw oil. This soup is moist and not greasy, with appetizers, spleen dampness and promoting blood circulation, lower temperature gas effect.

The taboo of Thailand Golden Pillow durian:

In patients with diabetes and high cholesterol diet; kidney disease, heart disease, cough, sore throat and Shensi; cold, physical deficiency, trachea sensitive should not eat. Eating too much can cause dyspnea, flushing and bloating.




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