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Small class of Thailand gold pillow durian - durian shell chicken soup

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Thailand golden durian, though delicious, can't eat too much at once, otherwise it will cause the body to be hot and dry. Its rich nutrition will also cause excessive heat due to the fact that the stomach and intestines cannot be absorbed completely. The way to eliminate the heat is to drink some light salt water or to eat some fruit with more moisture while eating durian. Both pears and watermelons are a good choice. However, the best partner of durian is known as the queen of the mangosteen fruit, only it can easily yield fruit king anger, protects the body against damage.

Thailand Golden Pillow durian fragrance of the season, but that is not the greedy people smooth and the people obsessed durian, durian shell chicken soup. Durian is rich in protein and lipids, have very good effect on the body, is a good source of nutrition fruit category. Durian has a special smell of durian, yellow flesh, juicy and sweet, sticky, like ice cream taste, its smell strong. It is controversial on the taste: eat durian people praise it slide like milk cream, sweet tooth. Love is not life; unable to hide greeds, people like to eat durian, only the smell unpleasant rotten onion, far away.

It's a pity that a lot of people have eaten durian and threw their shells away in their hands. Durian is all the treasure! Durian shell remove the outside shell nail skin, white inside some of the soup is treasure, can add chicken, pig to soup, not only delicious, but also has the effect of nourishing yin nourishing blood and Qi.

1. The black chicken is cleaned and chopped into large pieces; the durian shell is cut; the red date is nuclear; the ginger is sliced.

2, put the chicken into the pot, add 10 bowls of water.

3, the fire was boiled, and the blood was skimmed.

4, put in Thailand gold pillow durian shell, red date, ginger slices.

5, the fire boil to the water, after the fire, continue to fire for 10 minutes, turn small fire pot for 2 hours, salt seasoning can.




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