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The small class of Thailand imported gold pillow durian - the production of durian thousand layers cake

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Main materials:

6 eggs, butter 40g, low gluten flour 200g, sugar 80g, salt or lemon juice 2-3 drops, cream 400ml, milk 400ml, Thailand imported gold pillow, durian pulp 500g.


1, egg into the basin, add fine salt, fine sugar and stir, until the sugar melts. Note: this process does not need to be sent;

2. Add the normal temperature milk, the light cream, the melted butter, and stir well.

3, in the mix of the egg add too low gluten flour, stirring;

4, all materials will be screened at least 4 times, the purpose is to make the batter more delicate and no bubbles, this cake dough will not taste soft and rough.

5, ready to stick to the pan, be careful not to stick to the pot! Cold pot pour the batter, small fire heating, moving slowly into the pot pie. When the cake skin is a little bit of bubble, turn off the fire and bake the batter with the residual temperature. There is no need to pour oil and not turn the face.

The dough to share a little more than a dozen, stand aside, cool;

6. Pour the cream and the right amount of sugar in the egg whipmaker. The little partner who likes to eat the cream can pour the cream more here and hair in the egg whipping device. Join the durian meat and send it evenly. When is it good to do it, that is, when you light the cream, you will leave a small sharp tip, so that's OK.

7, a mixture of durian flesh cream, spread layers of the crust.

8. Put this semi-finished product in the refrigerator for 3 hours, or freeze for 1 hours. Take out and eat it.

Hua casting business tips:

1. Prepare a wet cloth on the table to cool the pan so that the second pieces of cake can be spread out smoothly. Gently uncover one side with a hand, and one can break away.

2, Thailand imported Golden Pillow durian layer must be refrigerated, the taste will be nice and open Q.




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