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Thailand durian joined


Thailand durian to join the small editor to teach you durian collocation

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Durian stinky, but win in the flesh of sweet, is a lot of people's heart love, buy a big one, sitting there quickly finish. But durian also has many taboo foods. It's easy to get angry if you eat too much. So how can you eat the Durian? Below, Thailand durian joins Xiaobian to teach you how to eat durian with no fire.

How can durian eat not to get on fire?

Since the durian is the "king of fruits", so it is the best partner of nature known as the "Queen of fruit" mangosteen. Mangosteen with tropical fruit is rich in protein and lipids, have very good effect on the body, has a very good role in caring for the weak, malnutrition, disease also. However, with the durian on the contrary, Chinese medicine is a neutral mangosteen fruit, slightly cold, has reduced the dry, cool and antipyretic effect, though delicious, but also should not eat.

If you eat durian eat a few pieces of mangosteen, can just cold and heat balance, protect the body from damage. In addition, after eating durian drink some water, or eat more fruit containing more water, can also relieve the heat, which is a good choice of pear and watermelon. With the best to eat durian mangosteen, durian flesh with anger, slightly overeating nosebleeds, lit the way to avoid eating mangosteen, mangosteen because can Quhuo heat.

It is worth noting that the durian mangosteen and eat at the same time to avoid the fire, but it is likely to cause constipation. Because these two kinds of fruit are rich in cellulose, in the intestines and stomach will be swellable, too much food will block the intestines, causing constipation. Also, durian and Mangosteen contain high sugar and potassium, in patients with diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease should not eat.

Thailand durian joined the small editor in a few points of attention:

Diabetes, high cholesterol diet in patients with kidney disease, heart disease patients Shensi durian; durian; sore throat, cough, cold, physical deficiency, trachea sensitive should not eat durian. Physical deficiency, obesity, kidney and heart disease diabetes diet mangosteen mangosteen Shensi.




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