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The imported durian will recommend the most individual fruit for you.

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Speaking of the most characteristic fruit in the world, importing durian will definitely vote for "Durian". Durian is most famous in Thailand, and is known as "the king of fruits". It smells strong, love it, love it like milk fat, smooth cheek teeth; don't love it, absolutely is a pair of attitude at a distance......

The nutritional value of the imported Durian

▼ Nourishing yin and Yang

Durian has high nutritional value. It contains a high sugar content, and contains 11% starch, 13% sugar, 3% protein, and a variety of vitamins, fat, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Frail friends can eat durian. Durian can supplement the energy and nutrition needed by the body to achieve the effect of strengthening body and nourishing yin. After the illness and postpartum women can be used for nourishing the body.                                                     

▼ Enhance immunity

Durian fruit is full of amino acids, rich in content, except for tryptophan, also contains 7 kinds of human essential amino acids, of which, the content of glutamic acid is very high. Durian fruit has strong beneficial effects on human body. Besides its rich elements such as zinc, it should also play a synergistic role with its aroma components and other nutrients.                              

▼ Treatment of dysmenorrhea

Durian has a lot of nutritional value, it also can relieve dysmenorrhea Oh, because durian is a hot fruit, so after eating, it can play the role of promoting blood circulation to dissipate cold and relieve menstrual pain, especially for those who are cold, dysmenorrhea and chill. At the same time, the heat of durian can improve abdominal cold, promote the body temperature rise, on the cold physique very helpful friend.

▼ Appetite for appetite

Although the special taste of Thailand durian is very controversial, you must not know that the nutritional value of durian is also reflected in this special taste. The fragrant smell of durian has a large effect, is an appetizer, promote appetite. 

▼ Constipation with constipation

Durian contains very rich dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and treat constipation. But it should be noted that eating durian for constipation, we should drink more boiled water. Otherwise, the rich fiber can not suck water, and it can only suck the moisture in the intestine, not only did not achieve the effect of relieving, but aggravated the condition.

▼Prevention and treatment of hypertension

The physiological function of vitamin in durian and its effect on some diseases can not be ignored. Durian fruit also contains essential mineral elements. Among them, the content of potassium and calcium is very high. Potassium is involved in the metabolism and transport of protein, carbohydrates, and energy, which helps to prevent and treat hypertension.                                                                                                                   

▼ Anticancer and anticancer

Durian fruit is rich in vitamin content, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C are high. A large number of studies have proved that vitamin A is an important micronutrient necessary for the human body, and has the physiological function of maintaining normal growth, reproduction, vision and anti infection. The human body needs vitamin A to maintain the healthy and normal visual acuity of the epithelial cells, promote the growth and development, and increase the resistance to infectious diseases.

How to choose the high quality Durian

▼ Look at the pinch spines

Durian covered "one hill", commonly known as "mace" is short, then the flesh and fat, thin skin; if long and sharp, while the flesh is not very full and thick.

See durian maturity: two adjacent spikes, pinched spike tip, slightly forced them inward pinch, if can make them more relaxed with each other "near", that the durian is soft, ripe; if feel very solid, no pinching, said Ming Sheng durian.

▼ Look at the size and bottom of the head

The larger size of the durian will be better. From the color of the shell, the color of the durian is better than that of a clear yellow color; if the color is more, it is not mature enough.

The general choice of fruit flaps is more full and multi petals; several petals show how much meat is inside. Durian bottom is "Durian butt" generally do not be too sharp, the choice of flat point will be better, there will be more meat inside;


▼ Look at the degree of cracking

Pick the durian shell has a (the best choice. Not too large) is just beginning to crack, or no openings, can use a knife to gently pry the good; if the fruit had cracks, exposed flesh is vulnerable to pollution, easy metamorphism.

If you choose a mature and just open durian, it is best to go back home and enjoy it as soon as possible. It can't be placed for a long time. Otherwise, it is easy to deteriorate.


▼ Smell the smell

When buying, can be close to the bottom durian smell, ripe durian smell fragrant fragrance; immature durian, a "green smell" smells like freshly cut grass. (if there is a smell of alcohol, it turns out that the flesh is deteriorating). 

▼Look at the "tail" of Durian

The "tail" of the durian is the handle of the fruit.

If it looks strong and fresh, it proves that it is nutritious and the quality is fresh. It is another "index" to select durian. (with a fingernail to gently press, the mark is fresh); if the handle is small and dry, it shows that durian has been stored for a long time, not very fresh.

▼Shake a rocking pulp

If you take the durian gently and stabilize it, gently shake the durian with your hands. If you feel a slight collision or a slight sound, the flesh will mature and peel off the shell, so this durian is ripe durian.

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