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The medicinal value of the imported durian for the investment of Durian

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Thailand durian pulp contains 11% starch, sugar 13%, protein 3%, and many vitamins, and so on, nutrition is quite rich. After the illness, postpartum Thai women with durian for body. The local people regard it as "the tropical fruit king". Durian, the shell boiled bone soup is a good tonic, it is said that the core of nutritional value and medicinal value of imported durian is amazing, today Xiaobian finishing investment about the medicinal value of durian:

Durian has a special odor, which has an appetizing effect, which promotes appetite, and the dietary fiber can also promote intestinal peristalsis.

Durian is good, but it can not be eaten more at a time. Because of its rich nutrition, when your stomach can not be fully absorbed, you will be on fire. If you eat, can eat a few mangosteen, only the queen of fruit in order to surrender the king of fruits.

Durian durian is the most famous in Dalian and is known as "stewardess killer". It smells strong, who like the incense, one of the love of those who blame the smelly, therefore, hotels, train, plane and public places are not allowed to bring into the. Thai people favorite durian, fascinated by its specific flavor, Thailand popular "code of sarong, buy durian, durian red suitcase, empty", and "saying when a wife to eat durian", that Thai people love durian degree. Chinese writer Yu Dafu in the "Nanyang" journey to write "Durian like Stinky Cheese and onion mixed odor, and similar turpentine flavor, it is smelly and fragrant and delicious but never eat durian as long as the person for the first time after the first attempt, the food tastes sweet pepper will call you more eat more. Many tourists, after having tasted the durian taste, will have endless aftertastes and even addictions. So nowadays, Thailand durian is sold all over the world every year, especially in Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries or regions, and now it is also sold to mainland China. Durian is prohibited in some hotels in Malaysia. This prickly - spiny fruit may be prohibitive for tourists, but many Malaysia people like its sticky taste.

Durian is oval round, generally weighed about two kilograms, outside the wood - shaped hard shell, the inner fraction room, three in each room.

Four seeds, such as egg yolk size, have ten to fifteen pieces, and the ointment of the seed is the flesh, and it is yellow. Taste sweet and delicious. Ten large varieties of police and imported durian, each value of three, four hundred baht, the general variety also needs about one hundred baht. From the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of durian skin, where the thick and tapered spines sparse, are generally well developed, fruit, thick flesh and delicate; like a thorn is thin and dense, while the fruit pulp, thin and thick fleshy. [2]

Imported durian has high nutritional value. It contains 11% starch, 13% sugar, 3% protein, and a variety of vitamins, fat, calcium, iron and phosphorus, except for its high sugar content. Durian is a hot fruit, so the durian is forbidden to drink within nine hours after eating durian. This body is a treasure, stone can be cooked and baked, tastes like soft boiled potatoes, boiled water for skin sensitivity durian sores itch. In addition to the import of durian, it is proposed that the durian shell and other chemicals can be used to synthesize soap and can be used as a skin disease.




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