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Introduction of the varieties of the imported durian and the introduction of its origin

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The main production area of the imported durian is Thailand and Malaysia in Southeast Asia, and the durian, which can be eaten in China, is dominated by the durian in Thailand. Durian origin: Durian origin is Malaysia, this is a large fruit, the smell is very sharp. It is said that a mouse can be driven in the kitchen. The shape is similar to the egg yolk, the outer skin is the tea color, and there is a big hard thorn. When it comes to maturity, it falls naturally from the tree. So people don't pick up the durian from the trees, and pick up the durian from the ground. 5 - July was the maturity stage of durian. Durian, an evergreen tree of the family kapok family, with a height of 15-20 meters. Leaf Changyuan, top tip, cymes, yellowish color, fruit size of football, solid skin, dense triangular spines, the flesh is composed by aril Roubao color yellowish, viscous and juicy, sweet melted, eating up the taste of ice cream. Durian pulp contains 11% starch, sugar 13%, protein 3%, and many vitamins, and so on, nutrition is quite rich.

1, Wang Liulian, Sultan:

Compared with the Malaysia durian, the durian has a strong flavor, a dry texture and a moderate sweetness. It is not easy to be greasy. But the core is bigger and the price is more close to the people. The king of Sultan can frighten the dead and some of them can make up half the weight of the fruit, so it is better to buy pure fruit flesh directly.

2, red meat durian:

Durian meat was small, is the mainstream of Malaysia durian varieties, high sweetness, nuclear small flesh, golden yellow, slightly red. The flavor of the red meat type durian is distinctly different from the Sultan Wang Liulian, the Cat Mountain Wang durian, with the taste of herbal medicine. The durian, a pure red meat, is much more herb - flavored and even tastes like gasoline, but it can't be accepted by red meat.

3, Wang Liulian, Mt.

Is Malaysia's top durian durian varieties, the king of the world, sweet aftertaste, durian most concentrated flavor, creamy, was the ginger flesh with Diorskin like texture, rich layers, tender and delicate, shape, color, texture is almost perfect. The sweet smelling king of the cat mountain is not the best. It is sweet and bitter. The production of the king of the cat mountain is very small. It is one of the most precious varieties in Malaysia. It is restricted to export. It is the highest quality durian in China. The first time Mr. eat cat Mountain King, all days, for a long time, are not willing to eat golden pillow.

4, Thailand imported durian: Gold pillows (D159): more meat, the more superior quality of the durian, the pulp like a golden and soft pillow. The famous "fruit king" in Thailand is soft and tastes the first choice. Its aroma is soft, not slippery, slippery and slippery -- fresh and fresh when season picking.




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